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"Welcome to Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Matt's
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Look forward to see great JP and Dinosaur Stuff . I spare no expense!

This site is a mess, like my room. So it will evolve into V2.0

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June 11th. Jurassic Park 10th Anniversary.
It was a great 10 years of JP

LAST  Week. WE In the UK PARTIED.  There was 4 days to celebrate the  JP films.

Movie US release UK preview release UK general release
JP1 June 11th 1993 None July 17th 1993
TLW May 23rd 1997 July 17th 1997 July 18th 1997
JP3 July 18th 2001 July 19th 2001 July 20th 2001

 TODAY JURASSIC PARK'S 10th Anniversary in THE UK!

And also TLW Preview Viewings 6th in the UK today.

AT Amazon (UK), EBGames, GAME or Gameplay.

Operation Genesis Demo. Download here or here.

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Get Jurassic Park Rereleased for it's 10th Anniversary at this petition. USA:- June 11th and the UK= July 17th. GO on you know want it.
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Hi. If new to this site the all you need to know is that I'm Tyrannosaurus Matt and i built this site using my IT skills and because i love Jurassic Park, Dinosauria and Tina Barrett. Not forgetting my family and GOD. This site is best viewed with Verdana font as that is what I wrote it with. Or Jurassic if you want that JP effect. Download it at JurassicIsland. May GOD Bless You All!


Friday 26th September

Hello people. I never spelt yesterday and it was my brother's birthday.Anyway sorry for no updates. Been...busy with version 2.0. Anyway it will be PHP. Gonna get MySQL. At the moment i have been working on ICT work so maybe i update this site next week. Ciao.

Monday 21st July

The most ironic thing happened in the UK on Saturday. The Lost World: Jurassic Park on ITV. It's UK 6th Anniversary was Friday as i kept telling everyone. Jurassic Park should have been shown near it's 10th anniversary whicj=h in the UK was Thursday. Anyway i was playing OG on Jurassic Classic. I have got the domains sorted out for the other sites. Here they are.(Also i am changing the name to TyrannoMatt's Jurassic Park for version 2.0)

tyrannomatt.0catch.com = TyrannoMatt's Jurassic Park /version 2.0

tmjptoys.0catch.com = InGen Developments/ JPtoys.co.uk/ TyrannoMatt's JP Toys.

jpog.0catch.com = Operation Genesis Lab / Island / Community / Database 

jurassichtml.0catch.com = JurassicHTML

Not all have any content on them yet but i will be working on them with Version 2.0.

Friday 18th July

More JP anniversaries today. TLW's UK Release and JP3's USA 2 year release. Dan posted my news i had sent him about the JP UK 10th anni. Not much to say except that If you are looking for ways to video or screen capture what happens on your PC monitor like during playing OG go to
 http://www.newfreeware.com/graphics/capture/0-1.html to find some good software. i'm going to try and get an external DVD burner soon. Have a great day.

Thursday 17th July

It is now the 10th anniversary of JP in the UK. Look at the table of  release dates above. I was going to create a flash doc or something but I didn't have time. Maybe tomorrow. I emailed Dan of dansjp3page.com. Today I went on the web archive and it worked properly. I didn't get much done as I went out to skate. Good weather so I will not waste it. I can now switch ollie/nollie, do some old skool tricks and heel flip although landing heels and kickflips is something on my agenda of life (LOL). Have a great day and week. JP3's second tomorrow for the USA. I have TLW 6th to celebrate. And one more thing. Some guys are gonna build a REAL JP, i mean bring Dinosaurs to life.  I stand by them and want in so soon(more like in a couple of years) i could have a baby dino to show. And i got another domain registered. jpog.0catch.com will be for my OG Lab Site. Thats what it will be. Also i got a site at 250free.com to use for file space in a sense.

Wednesday 15th July

Latest updates. This week I am doing work experience, working with computers i am. Anyway it don't seem it but lots have be to be told. I will update the ParkFest PAge tomorrow and this page tonight for the rest of the week.

The latest news involving one of my favorite sites.

Kev has found some great bargains in the USA. JP3 figures for like $1. I got all my ones in this country (UK) Paul Kirby and Stego was hardest to find. I found a GC (Good Condition) one in Toy R US in a bargain box FULL of JP toys. I wish they had the dinos I couldn't get. Have you seen the custom Tyrannosaurus by Skinwerks.com It's Cretaceous! Looks just like the rex from JP. It took 2 weeks or months if I remember and it was painted using oil paints (expensive but effective). The dinosaur repainted was a TLW Bull Tyrannosaurus (one of the finest pieces of art ever created, and one toy I really want).  JPToys have got a free shop at CafePress.com (well its free to register one, profits go towards funding JPToys). For the moment they are using temp archives for the JP, TLW, JP3 and JPD databases. Soon, Oh so soon! Can't wait. The next most likely updates will be the JPDinosaurs and JP Series 2. On the forums I have been changing my name, first to No ones fool but  my mums. Then to Ice Dive T-rex as made by DS (Dark Spinosaurus is making some Jurassic-delightful customs) then to JP S1 Tyrannosaurus Fanatic and now I'm Jur@sshole, that is spelt like that as the other way and its a cuss. The term is a new word to describe anyone who is a fan of JP. Jura(ssic) + holes =Jur@holes. 

JurassicIsland -  The best source for Dinosaurs + Jurassic Park. Another of my favourites.

JI recently has been doing good. Seem they get most the  latest JP4 news first (Actually it's newspapers and sites like countingdown.com to help). Sam Neill aka Dr Alan Grant to us has said in an interview to a New Zealand newspaper, his native country that his he is pleased about JP4 and excited about it. He gives it Thumbs UP (Or if you are a dinosaur a Iguanadon's Thumb Spike Upwards = GOOD). About the DX plotline, it seem that it could become more likely. Kiera Knightly (I'm gonna devote a page to her) when asked if she had been spoken to Steve Spielberg (JP's director) and she said (in probably a angel voice). YES! she was surprised as to how people knew. Sk8er has finished his Trespasser walkthrough\guide. On the forums in the movie board, there is a thread about opinions on the BIGGEST plot hole in JP moviedom. HOW did the crew of S.S Venture die. For V2.0 i will make a section called "What I think" Where I put will write down my theories about certain events in the JP films and also the rate them. 

At JPDatabase, not many people are visiting my forum. Come one people. I have good stuff to say. Enough for now.


Saturday 12th July

Yesterday has sports day. Next week, JP's 10 anniversary in the UK, TLW's 6th anniversary in the UK, and JP3's 2nd anniversary in the UK and USA. So i will again party and also be doing work experience. I am going to start making Version 2.0 of this site soon so i will need ideas.

Tuesday 8th July 2003

I'm back after the little week long break. Only place updated with much news has to be JurassicIsland these days. Anyway, if you like the JP Soundtrack and want to hear the unreleased tracks well scallenger, Most Loved JP Fan of the Moment has "ripped" the music off the DVD and well he has all the JP soundtrack in beautiful MP3 format. I ain't got my CD off my frined who is supposed to burn them onto CD for me. I am evolving the site. Giving it some new blood. Big Razzie is helping as per usual and well the new look will be here probably August/September. I also hope to get the JP Dinosaurs Database done. As it is a database i may have to learn other programming, not HTML. I mean I might do it in HTML but it think it may escalate into something better. Possible domain. Probably JPDatabase. just need to ask Jon. Anyway a weird thing happened. Apart from the usual spam and wrongly addressed emails I get. Well Steve of JPA sent me some files or something. If anyway got an email from him tell me. I still can't get my free 0catch domains for JurassicHTML and JPOG Island or Lab ( not sure yet but the domain would be jpog.com or islajpog.com or jpoglab.com). I posted a thread on my Forum at JPDb (still not many people reply) about my latest project. Jurassic Park Pet Shop. Not saying yet what it plan to have yet. As I feel user interaction is important I may soon if allowed with my host use some Active Server Pages and forms to get to know what you guys would like to see in the JP Pet Shop, JurassicHTML, JPOG and this site. Enough for now. Enjoi your time now.

Tuesday 1st July 2003

I now have Macromedia Studio and so i'm using Dreamweaver for the moment. If you are very observant then you will have noticed i have changed the Index.htm. Also the navbar. Well actually i have decided to change the whole site for stuff better. All i will say now is that JPEnterprise is online at jpenterprise.net. Ciao for a week.

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